I don’t normally find random blogs that interesting, but I found this one because for some reason there was a post on her blog related to stuff I talk about here. I’ll say up front the post I am going to link you to is not the one and the post on her blog only related to mine because she talked a bit about smoking. Anyhow- I am absolutely enthralled with her blog.

I came across this– in her “what she on about?” section. And it made me think about the situation I am in now how she is completely right about the honesty thing. It is what many of you have been saying all along, especially Vesperae in her beautifully written piece on her own site.

The following quote really spoke to me in Sall’s (the author of twentynothing.com) blog:

We want to know what makes Them tick in every other area. But we forget about sex. The reason we are Here in the first place.

I have been in a relationship where I didn’t ask questions about Who he was. He had a whole other girlfriend. For months I was devastated, wondering why someone would do that to me. And then I realized, I could have altered the outcome had I bothered to ask some questions.

It would have broken the fantasy. But the reality would have been better.

I never want to be that idiot again, working on assumption that only leads to an incorrect imagination. I want to know everything – the good, the bad, the girlfriend – so that true intimacy can develop. And I want other people to accept people for who they are, for what they did and where they are going. Because intimacy comes from honesty. They are married together long before You and Him [or Her. Or Her and Her. Or Him and Him].
Ignorance is not bliss.
Honesty is.
And if someone can’t handle that, it is Their problem. Not Yours.

Just something I have been thinking about… again when I should be doing my work.