This morning, when I was reading through my tag surfer I found this blog entry on how smoking is like yoga. He does an excellent job of comparing the two. I actually had this thought a couple of weeks ago during my yoga class when I was practicing ujjayi breathing. For some reason as I was posed in downward facing dog, consciously focusing on my breath- I thought of other activities that require a focus on breathing. During most other activities, we do not think of our breathing. During most of the day- we do not think of our breathing. But during both yoga and smoking- you must consciously think of your breath to get the most of the activity.

He starts his post by saying:

“It invokes resentment and awe with the same intensity.”

I actually never thought of yoga as being that “taboo” but if you do search for the “Dangers of Yoga” and you’ll find websites like I think it depends on your background. No one I know thinks of yoga this way. My friend who is christian comes to yoga class with me and I am pretty sure she is not going to backslide into “New Age” practices just because she likes doing yoga. And it is already too late for me to be “saved”. I will say that people either love yoga or they hate it. He also mentions that smoking is cheaper in the short run and I think this depends on how much you smoke and where you live. Where I live- a pack of cigarettes is anywhere between $10-11 a pack, so if you are smoking a pack a day- it is not a habit for the poor. A yoga class costs anywhere from $10-15 a class, until you know enough about it to practice on your own. You could buy a yoga tape too- but I find that the atmosphere of the yoga studio is more conducive to a better practice.

Ironically, I skipped my yoga class last night in favor of smoking a cigarette. It was a good one too. I am getting a little braver with my smoking. I still leave the neighborhood, but I no longer try and hide. Last night, I drove to a different community and went for a walk. I always forget that normal people do not really take notice of smokers as much as people with the fetish. I mean lots of people saw me smoke last night but it wasn’t like their eyes popped out of their head. I also think that the cigarettes are much more enjoyable when I am less anxious about them. Next week- it will be back to yoga class for me. I cannot waste all the money I paid on getting a pass to the place.

I think today will be my last smoking day for the week. My roommate just asked me to drive her to the bus depot, so I have the perfect excuse to leave the house for another indulgence. Then I will proceed with a week of not smoking to see how much I miss it. I don’t suspect I will miss it physically but more psychologically since that is where my drive to smoke comes from.