Smoking does look cool. Maybe it is just me and my weirdo fetish that makes me think smoking looks cool, but still think it does. I will agree that it doesn’t make you cool- for sure. Just because it will kill you doesn’t mean it doesn’t look neat. I mean it looks pretty similar to what your breath looks like on a cold winter’s day and how cool is seeing you breath? Only when you smoke, you can see it in any weather. I think that it pretty awesome and always have. I think the whole “it doesn’t look cool thing” is just anti-smoking propaganda. Of course we don’t want people to think it looks cool, because then they will want to do it. Also, don’t tell anyone it feels good, because then they might want to try it. 

I mean, I’m all for anti-smoking propaganda. But part of me thinks that it would be better if people were informed with the whole picture. If you don’t answer the “why” people get addicted part, the curious few who wonder why people smoke if it is so addictive are going to try it. Some of those people probably would have tried it anyways. People still try heroin and they know that it can make them feel good and that they could get addicted very quickly, sometimes instantly. I think it is good to inform people of all the negatives, but if you don’t present any of the positives some people might go out and try and find out for themselves. Wouldn’t it be better to present both sides and show that the negatives outweigh the positives? 

I mean that is part of the reason I tried smoking, was because I wanted to see what the big hoopla was about. I kind of wish I hadn’t. But I’m not sure that having more information would have deterred me. At least I wasn’t just trying it because I thought it looked cool. I would hope that no one would start smoking to look cool, but I’m sure people still do. That is so not cool, even if it looks like it.