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Five Pawns: Bowden’s Mate

November 13, 2015


My mint-obsession led me to this gem. I was out of Ice Berry and my supplier didn’t have the nicotine level I desired. I had put this on my wish list awhile ago (every mint juice my supplier has is pretty much on that list) and after numerous people had recommended Five Pawns to me, I decided to see what all the hype was about.

I have to say this lives up to the hype. More than lives up. I think this has replaced Ice Berry as my go to mint juice.

Description: Inspired by the after-dinner mint, this flavourful chocolate is sharpened by crisp mint, ending with a touch of French Vanilla. Seductive yet soft, with a refreshing effervescent note.

Flavour: See description. No really, this tastes almost exactly as the company describes. On the inhale, I get more chocolate mint. On the exhale, a much stronger mint, and a hint of vanilla. Very similar to eating a peppermint patty.

Clouds: This is a 50/50 VG/PG mix so vapour production is typical of such a mixture.

Throat hit: Nice throat hit. I think it mostly comes from the mint.

Room note: Okay, this is something that comes more from my pipe smoking but I don’t notice the smell of most things I vape lingering but this one smells lovely afterwards as well. I noticed it when I walked into my house after being gone for a bit. Despite loving this flavour, I don’t think I’ve vaped more than usual today.

Nicotine level: Comes in 0, 3, 6, 12 and 18 mg. I tried the 6 mg.

Price: $27.50 USD on the Five Pawns website
$31.50 CAD from Steeped Monkey Brains

So far this is the best mint juice I’ve ever tried. Worth the price of admission. Considering the exchange rate, I feel like I’ve gotten a steal of a deal as $27.50 USD is about $36 CAD and shipping is free for me from that vendor.

Happy Vaping!

Vaping Science: The Evidence For Vaping

November 12, 2015

Here is a comprehensive list of studies on vaping that address it’s safety. It only includes studies that support vaping, however it still might be an interesting read for those of you that like this sort of thing.

Bylaw Changes

November 12, 2015

E-cigarettes bylaw changes now in effect –

Most people followed these anyways. Some of these are unenforceable unless someone complained or they caught you on camera. Stealth vaping literally leaves no trace so unless cameras are installed in every bathroom stall people will probably still vape indoors, they will just be sneaky about it.

While vapor is annoying to some people, most people once they connect that the vapor isn’t smoke and usually smells delicious, they don’t actually mind. I think as long as people are respectful of others, and aren’t blowing giant clouds of vapor into people’s faces most people don’t care that people vape.

I met a family yesterday in the dog park, where all the adult men were vaping. As a fellow vaper, I found it cool to see so many people vaping in one place. It was also neat to smell because when I’m vaping, I can’t always tell what the vapor smells like to others. I can tell you it was more subtle than most people’s perfume or cologne.

I guess this means my car will continue to be my primary vape refuge.

Scientists Accused Of Cooking The Books To Produce ‘Toxic’ E-Cigarette Study

October 16, 2015
Featured Image -- 1079

As someone who trained in science, I hate reading stuff like this. Sometimes I read the studies behind the headlines in the news that state “Vaping causes lung damage” and I see flaws in their methods or omissions that lead me to believe that the study is flawed or that perhaps the scientists are only writing up the data that supports the conclusion they want to see. It happens outside the field of vaping/ tobacco research too and it really does a disservice to the scientific community in general. It bugs me though.

By Guy Bentley

A group of researchers may have cooked the books to show that vapor exhaled from e-cigarettes is more dangerous than it actually is.

A paper published in the Current Environmental Health Reports found that “secondhand” exposure to exhaled e-cigarette vapor is toxic because it contains particulate matter, which can pose a risk to the respiratory system.

Anti-smoking advocates, doctors and the American Vaping Association claim the report is totally bogus. According to the critics, the study found essentially no difference between the amount of particulate matter in a house with active vaping and homes that were both totally vape and smoke-free.

The observational study found that the home containing tobacco smoke had levels of PM2.5 60 times greater than the homes with and without vaping. The results showed that the home with vaping measured 9.88 micrograms per cubic meter of air.

The two homes with no vaping or smoking at all…

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Aspire Atlantis 2: I’m converted

October 14, 2015

So I just purchased the Aspire Atlantis 2 and I have to say, I’m super impressed. Blown away impressed actually. I’ve only used it maybe a total of four times since I got it yesterday and WOW! It is seriously the best tank I’ve ever used.

I started with my normal “tester juice” Muffin Man, because I’ve liked what in tasted like in my other tanks (Kanger sub tank mini and Ego one mags) but neither tank handled the thick 80VG/20PG juice very well. With the kanger, I just ended up with a clogged and burnt coil after a short time and the Ego one, very little flavour. The Aspire Atlantis handled it like a boss. At 6 mg, the nicotine level was actually too high for me, so I switched the remaining juice out for my 3 mg Jazzy Boba and was again wowed by the flavour of the juice.

Honestly, it was like tasting the juices for the first time. I’ll write more about this later, but the only con I see with the tank right now is that it has ruined me for my other tanks. Just when I thought vaping couldn’t get better…this tank happened to me. I think I get why people start building and dripping now since if this tank is anything close to what doing so can do for flavour, I get it.

Until next time…

ASMR: Is it real?

September 21, 2015

So one of the pipe and cigar blogs I follow posted the following ASMR pipe cleaning/smoking video. I clicked on it and watched a women speak in hushed tones cleaning her pipe and then smoking another for 25 minutes. As mentioned before in this blog, I have the attention span of a gnat so to watch something like this for 25 minutes straight is impressive. I can’t explain why I was so captivated. Was it ASMR? What is ASMR? I’m so confused. Okay, I’m not really confused, but you might be right now.

Here is the video in question:

Now before you start thinking this is some fetish thing, I had no sexual response to watching the video whatsoever. But I did feel really relaxed after, almost as if I had completed some sort of meditation. Which isn’t that surprising I guess, since I find the act of pipe smoking/cleaning very relaxing and somewhat meditative.

You might be wondering what ASMR is. I know I was. I had heard about it awhile back but I’m always the skeptic when it comes to stuff like this. ASMR stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response. Wikipedia describes it as: “a perceptual phenomenon characterized as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, or cognitive stimuli. The nature and classification of the ASMR phenomenon is controversial, with much anecdotal evidence of the phenomenon but little or no scientific explanation or verified data.”

When I first heard about this, I watched a trigger video (this is what people in the ASMR community call their videos) and nothing. Actually I don’t even think I made it through 30 seconds of one. But this was different. Maybe it is because I have such a psychological connection to smoking in the first place. Who knows? Was it ASMR? No idea, but I swear I felt a few tingles watching this. The sound quality is impeccable, because that is what they are trying to capture. You can hear everything perfectly and I think that is what makes it so pleasurable for me to watch.

You probably won’t be surprised that I watched her video on cigar smoking:

This one was more seductive and I found it doubly enjoyable to watch. And since I was on a roll, I watched this final one for the night. The last one was my favorite because I felt like she was letting me in on her own secret world.

Anyhow, I don’t know if I have experienced ASMR, but what I do know is I found these videos immensely pleasurable and relaxing to watch. I get why smoking would be a trigger for me so I’m not really surprised.

I guess I should warn people, watching these videos may trigger a desire to smoke a pipe or cigar. She does a good job of making these activities look immensely pleasurable.

Anyhow… until next time.

Menthol Obsession

September 20, 2015

So I just recently got over a cold and all I could vape during this time was the Ice Berry flavour that I reviewed in my last post. I feel better today but still love that menthol sensation. I guess it makes sense since despite my low level cigarette consumption, I without fail bought menthols every time I bought a pack. I guess you could say I was a dedicated menthol smoker.

When I was reading reviews of juices last night, I noticed a few people saying that one of the juices I recently acquired tasted good with menthol. The flavour in question was Monkey Paw, by Vapor North. It is a Banana cream dessert vape. At first I thought, weird menthol and banana. Then I was reading more reviews at a different site and apparently some people add menthol to all their juices. I guess it makes sense when you love menthol.

So I decided to give it a go. I had half a tank of my ice berry left and I topped it up with Monkey Paw. Results: yum. I mean, I’m not really surprised I loved it because, like I said before, I love menthol. I don’t think it is for everyone, but I think if you were a menthol lover pre-vaping and you are feeling like there are a lack of good menthol flavours on the market, it can’t hurt to experiment a bit and add a bit of menthol to a juice you already like. I know this was my first experiment, but it probably won’t be my last. I’m currently looking for a good menthol only juice that I can continue these experiments with.

I do want to try Monkey Paw by itself, but for now I’m happy vaping my Frankenjuice.

Until next time…


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